Cyclones are easily customized to fit space constraints you may experience in your application.

Cyclone Hydraulics Customization

Typical Application Guidelines

Traditional hydraulic cylinder applications were the first considered with the Cyclone, primarily those deploying hydraulic motors like fan drives or power steering circuits. The original Cyclone was initially applied in a bus fan drive application. Nearly 18,000 tanks were sold into this application.

Every hydrostatic transmission application should at least consider a Cyclone reservoir, as the reservoir utilized within these is only concerned with charge pump flow. Therefore the size of Cyclone required in these applications only needs one to two gallons of fluid.

Other specific applications to consider Cyclone reservoirs are:

  • Cement transit mixers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery
  • Power steering and fan drives
  • Auxiliary hydraulics for bulk material transport semi’s
  • Mobile robots
  • Auxiliary hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic hand tool power units