Taking Hydraulic Technology for a Spin

Taking Hydraulic Technology for a SpinThe concept behind Hartland-based Price Engineering’s latest development is fairly straightforward. Air bubbles can be removed from hydraulic fluid faster by spinning the oil instead of letting it sit and waiting for gravity to do the work.

…While the lower portion of the reservoir is key to the cyclone design, the upper part can be made into any shape a customer needs, Glidden said. This allows a tank to fit into tight spaces. >> MORE

Blowing Past Conventional Thinking About Reservoirs

Cyclone Hydraulic Cost SavingsWhile there has been a great deal of product development and technical advancement in mobile hydraulics over the last two decades — everything from electronic controls to ever more powerdense and high-pressure pumps and motors to hoses that can predict their own failure modes — the wave of innovation has appeared to bypass some component segments. Exhibit A might be hydraulic reservoirs.

Outside of the configuration of internal baffles and occasional changes in materials, hydraulic reservoirs haven’t really changed much over the years and have essentially remained a developmental backwater within the mobile fluid power system.

That could be about to change. >> MORE

Smaller System Offers Cost Savings for Businesses

Cyclone Hydraulic Cost SavingsIn an era when saving costs is mightily important for companies, reducing how much oil is carried by a vehicle or a piece of machinery, as well as making the equipment lighter, goes a long way to realizing those savings. That’s why Price Engineering in Hartland took an existing design for a hydraulic reservoir system created by Eaton and made it smaller, lighter and customizable. >> MORE

Hartland Firm Says It’s Shaking Up Hydraulic Fluid Power Industry

Cyclone Hydraulic Fluid SystemA Hartland firm says it’s stepping up technology aimed at making big machines, such as garbage trucks and construction equipment, more efficient and better for the environment.

Price Engineering made its announcement Tuesday at a fluid power technology conference that continues Wednesday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Price says it’s collaborated with Solar Plastics, of Delano, Minn., on the development and manufacture of new hydraulic fluid systems that, in some cases, reduce the amount of toxic, mineral-based fluid used by more than 90%. >> MORE