The cyclone hydraulic reservoir from Price Engineering is designed to simulate the natural flows found in nature.


Cyclone reservoirs rapidly remove suspended air from hydraulic fluid.

During normal operation, the cyclone rapidly removes suspended air from hydraulic fluid. The result? Enormous weight and size reduction, along with corresponding savings in fluid expense.

Cylindrical in shape, the cyclone is divided into two chambers. The lower chamber contains the pump suction and system return ports. A high- speed, rotational fluid spin is created in this chamber as fluid returns to the reservoir. This spin creates centrifugal forces where heavier, non-aerated fluid is pushed to the outside wall of the reservoir interior where it becomes available to the pumps suction port.

The lighter air bubbles migrate to the center of the reservoir by means of the “cyclone” effect. The air bubbles rapidly migrate through the center hole in the baffle, dissipate into the air space above the fluid within the upper chamber and out to atmosphere through the filler/breather cap.

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